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LIVE COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion with the World Health Organization during Rotaract Week (event link in the article)

Join us for a live COVID-19 vaccine discussion with the World Health Organization representative, Siddhartha Datta, Programme Manager for The Vaccines and Immunization Flagship at WHO Regional Office for Europe. The discussion will follow points on the current status of the vaccine against COVID-19 and what are the next steps in ending this pandemic. You […]

Application OPEN for the position of President of the European Rotaract Information Center – Deadline 27.02.2021

News, news, news! The application form for the position of E.R.I.C. President is now OPEN! If you are interested in this position, please contact president@rotaracteurope.com for more information. Application for E.R.I.C. President 2021-2022: https://forms.gle/PQJznxaGFkmu2UVD7 Deadline to submit the application: 27.02.2021 Article 12. The roles and responsibilities of President as described in E.R.I.C.’s Code of Policies. […]

Online Meetings: How to make boring meetings more fun?

Article published in December 2020 in the latest issue of the E.R.I.C. Magazine by Esther Gellings, from RAC Barcelona ’92, Spain Tired of boring online meetings? We collected some ideas for you! Strictly Social Meetings Our favorite ideas so far: pub quizzes, wine/chocolate/… tastings, party games, cooking/ dancing/ handicraft/… classes, FreeIC, Cards Against Humanity, Werewolves, […]


THE ROTARACT INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROMOTING VACCINATION AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS#EndCovidNow #LetsGetVaccinated We propose you to join us in this international service: “Let’s get vaccinated!”, a service that will save lives.We are at the advent of a very important mass vaccination to combat the coronavirus. We have the duty to make people understand how important this vaccine […]