Dear all,
As an organization gathering European Rotaractors, it is our mission to aid Rotary in promoting peace and dialogue. The recent situation involving Russia and Ukraine calls for us to stand united in our support for peace and assistance to those who are most severely affected.
It is crucial to keep the dialogue open and support all our friends in Rotaract and Rotary. Therefore, ERIC wants to let our members through the European continent know that we are here to help you however we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
We are currently working on gathering information about projects that can help anyone who is affected by the situation. Shelterbox and others organisations are already on the move. If you know of any humanitarian projects, please do share them as soon as possible!
We will do our best to collect and share all relevant information within our network and coordinate our effort to provide our support as soon as possible!
Yours in Rotaract,
Rotaract Europe 2021/2022