Become Sustainable! Every Club Climate Friendly

How sustainable and climate-friendly is your Rotaract Club?

While Rotaract endeavors to make positive contributions to the world, it is important to acknowledge that our activities also generate emissions and contribute to climate change. Consider the number of individuals traveling to events like REMs or EUCOs. However, our aim is not to diminish our activities but rather to execute them in a more thoughtful manner. The project “Every Club Climate Friendly – Become Sustainable!” is a proactive step towards this objective.

How to participate

The Become Sustainable team has developed a CO2 footprint calculator that empowers clubs to assess their emissions across all activities. By inputting basic data into this tool, clubs receive a detailed report. Leveraging this report, the Become Sustainable team offers tailored recommendations to reduce CO2 emissions.

Participating is very simple:

  1. Just fill out THIS SHORT FORM (it only takes 10 seconds!);
  2. Await contact from the Become Sustainable team to begin your sustainability journey;
  3. Start reducing your carbon emissions!

For further information, please visit the official website or send an email to .

List of Rotaract Clubs already participating in the project


# District Club
1 1660 Rotaract Paris
2 1841 Rotaract Augsburg
3 1842 Rotaract München-Bavaria
4 1842 Rotaract München-Residenz
5 1842 Rotaract München
6 1850 Rotaract Bremen
7 1850 Rotaract Osnabrück
8 1850 Rotaract Ostfriesland
9 1860 Rotaract Darmstadt
10 1860 Rotaract Ludwigshafen-Franktenthal
11 1860 Rotaract Mannheim
12 1900 Rotaract Bochum
13 1900 Rotaract Hamm
14 1930 Rotaract Freiburg
15 1930 Rotaract Friedrichshafen
16 1930 Rotaract Konstanz-Kreuzlingen
17 1940 Rotaract Berlin-Brandenburger Tor
18 1940 Rotaract Berlin International
19 1980 Rotaract Zürich
20 2160 Rotaract Luxembourg
21 2241 Rotaract Timisoara Ripensis
22 2420 Rotaract Istanbul-Tuzla