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Campaign for emergency assistance in Brazil

The recent floods in Brazil affected more than 2.3 million people, leaving more than 600.000 without their homes. More than 100 people lost their lives and left grieving families. If you are looking for a way to help, the Rotaract Club Beyond Borders can give you more information. You can also: DONATE for emergency help […]

Rotaract Europe ERIC Awards Committee 2023-2024

The ERIC Awards Committee for 2023-2024, comprised of seasoned Rotaract leaders from around the world, was dedicated to recognizing the best Rotaract European Projects. With a diverse range of experiences and achievements, this committee focused on identifying innovative and impactful initiatives. Their goal was to celebrate the exceptional work of Rotaract clubs in addressing community […]

Become Sustainable! Every Club Climate Friendly

How sustainable and climate-friendly is your Rotaract Club? While Rotaract endeavors to make positive contributions to the world, it is important to acknowledge that our activities also generate emissions and contribute to climate change. Consider the number of individuals traveling to events like REMs or EUCOs. However, our aim is not to diminish our activities […]

Rotaract Europe’s Vision for 2023-2024: A Commitment to Mental Health and Global Harmony

In the pursuit of realizing Gordon McInally’s visionary goals for Rotary International in 2023-2024, Rotaract Europe has undertaken a profound mission to bring hope to individuals grappling with mental health challenges, particularly those intensified by the devastating impacts of wars and natural disasters. Environmental Stewardship for Mental Wellness ERIC’s focus extends beyond addressing the symptoms […]

Emergency Response to the Floods in Tuscany (Italy)

Dear Rotaractors and Rotarians across Europe, We are deeply saddened by the enormous natural disaster that hit Tuscany (Italy). Once again climate change has brought Italy to its knees as it did a few months ago, between May and June, in Emilia-Romagna, as you can tragically read in this and this articles. In such a […]

Rotaract EndPlasticSoup Environmental Action Days

We are excitedly anticipating the upcoming action days and would be thrilled to have you join us! EndPlasticSoup, in collaboration with Rotaract Europe, Rotaract Scheveningen, and Rotaract Dubai extends a warm invitation for you to participate in the following weekend events in October: October 14-15: Rotaract EndPlasticSoup Clean Day. During this weekend, we are orchestrating global […]

Emergency Response to the Floods in Slovenia

Dear Rotaractors & Rotarians across Europe, We are deeply saddened by the enormous natural disaster that hit Slovenia. This is arguably the worst natural disaster the country has ever experienced, as explained in this article. In such a tragedy, it is a time to show we stand together and help the ones in need. Here […]