Celebrating Impactful Initiatives: ERIC Awards Winners Announced

As this Rotaract Year is coming to an end, it is time to describe you the Rotaract and Rotary clubs which ERIC Social Services Award Committee presented with prizes during the past EUCO Bucharest gala night. As usual, the Committee awarded nine outstanding projects divided into three different categories: Best European Social Project, Best Rotary and Rotaract collaboration, and Best Twin Clubs initiative.

All projects submitted showcased innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges and demonstrated the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change. Also, each initiative had the potential to be mirrored and tailored to be implemented all over the world, a remarkable factor for the adaptability and scalability of these projects.

From addressing mental health stigma to promoting environmental sustainability and literacy, the winning projects highlight the diverse range of issues tackled by Rotaract and Rotary clubs. It is impressive to see young people work creatively together to have a sustainable impact in their communities and where the need is called for.

For transparency, please find the evaluation of all the projects in THIS EXCEL FILE.

Best European Social Project

In this category, the jury evaluated the most original and impactful projects to communities. This year, the key concept was enlightening people about diseases which are still considered taboos in our society or taking into consideration the importance of empower young people.


1st Place: PiantiAMO – Italy

Rotaract Clubs Trani and Barletta joined forces to address mental health challenges, promoting emotional well-being and support. Their impactful initiative focused on breaking the stigma surrounding autism by selling plants and collect funds for those in need in a green and sustainable way.


2nd Place: PeriodTalk: Breaking the Silence – Turkey

The Rotaract Club of Guzelyali initiated PeriodTalk, a project aimed at destigmatizing menstrual health issues and fostering open dialogue. By breaking down barriers and raising awareness, PeriodTalk promotes inclusivity and supports individuals’ well-being.


3rd Place: Summer school: Path to Greatness – Slovenia, North Macedonia

Rotaract Ljubljana 25’s Summer School: Path to Greatness offers educational opportunities and mentorship to aspiring students, empowering them to reach their full potential. Through mentorship and guidance, this project helps students navigate their academic journey and pursue their dreams.


Rotary and Rotaract Collaboration

In this category, the jury awarded the best collaborations between Rotary and Rotaract: it is significant to remember that we are part of the same association and together we can carry out more impactful projects and create stronger connections all over the globe.

1st Place: Rotaract-Rotary Polio Project – India – Netherlands

A never getting old project, polio now but in a new outlook: Rotaract Utrecht, Rotaract Amsterdam, and Rotary Amstel & Vecht collaborated on a polio eradication project, emphasizing the importance of vaccination, and raising funds to end polio. Their joint effort demonstrates the power of partnership and collective action in tackling global health challenges.


2nd Place: Kardzhali Reads – Bulgaria

The Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Kardzhali launched Kardzhali Reads, promoting literacy and a love for reading among community members. By providing access to books and educational resources, this project empowers individuals and fosters a culture of lifelong learning.


3rd Place: Zesummen Ënnerwee – Together on the Road – Luxembourg

Social isolation and lack of opportunities for people with disabilities. The Zesummen Ënnerwee project aims to provide a day of shared activities and experiences for individuals with disabilities, organized by Rotarians volunteering their time and resources. The problem being tackled revolves around creating opportunities for social interaction, enjoyment, and support for individuals with disabilities, while also promoting understanding and empathy within the broader community.

Twin Clubs

In this category, the jury celebrated the best project developed by two or more clubs working together. This award is fundamental to explain that under several circumstances, to achieve a common result, “the more, the better”.


1st Place: EcoLearn Kit – Environmental Educational Package for Schools – Netherlands – Romania

Rotaract Scheveningen’s EcoLearn Kit initiative promotes environmental literacy and sustainability in schools. By providing educational resources and raising awareness, EcoLearn Kit empowers students to become environmental stewards and advocates for change.


2nd Place: Life is in Your Blood – Turkey – Bulgaria

The Rotaract Club of Guzelyali and the Rotaract Club of Kardzhali collaborated on Life is in Your Blood, a project focused on blood donation in order to save lives. Through cross-border collaboration and solidarity, this initiative addresses critical healthcare needs and makes a positive impact on communities.


3rd Place: World Polio Day – Poland – Turkey

Warszawa Fryderyk Chopin Rotaract and Ankara Tandoğan Rotaract organized World Polio Day events to raise awareness and funds for polio eradication efforts. By mobilizing communities and advocating for vaccination, these clubs contributed to the global fight against polio.


Congratulations to all the winners! Your dedication and commitment to service inspired us all to continue working together, create positive change, and build a better world.

It could seem a cliché sentence to wrap this article up, but all the Rotaractors involved to evaluate the social projects submitted this year were moved and amazed by the great work you did. Indeed, Elise and Patrick said:


“As one of the evaluators, I found it particularly challenging to grade the projects because they all oozed creativity and sustainability.

Elise Nassif


“It was inspiring to see the good Rotaract can do. Those clubs that planned and executed projects not only partnered with Rotaract and Rotary clubs, but with other stakeholders in their communities, truly embodies the spirit (and impact) of Rotary International. I will be sharing the projects (as ideas) with my own new Rotaractors in my club, district, and zone.

Patrick Hanrahan