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The summer school, titled “Path to Greatness,” is a five-day, free program for high school students aged 15-18. It aims to provide practical knowledge in areas not typically covered in high school curricula, such as soft skills, personal finance, career and entrepreneurial strategies, values, and motivation.

This year, our goal is to organize 10 summer schools, enabling participation of over 200 students and including over 100 organizers, mentors and speakers in the project.

The program distinguishes itself by having young successful entrepreneurs and students as speakers and mentors, facilitating a better transfer of knowledge and experiences due to the smaller generational gap. The summer school seeks to inspire participants to realize their potentials, especially those whose circumstances, such as financial constraints, might impede their success. The goal is to help these young individuals access financial resources and investments, encouraging them to aim higher and support them in their personal and career development​​.