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The idea of “Strong together” project organized by Rotaract Club Timisoara started from the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, this Day being celebrated on November 24th every year. On this occasion, our Club wanted to draw attention to this sensitive topic and thus the “Strong together” project was born. It consisted of 2 main parts: the campaign to collect personal hygiene products and the awareness online campaign that took place on our social media networks (instagram and facebook). The campaign in which we collected personal hygiene products was a real success, the local community has been mobilized in an exemplary way and thus we managed to help a number of 114 people aged between 9 months to 75 years, located in 4 different Care Centers. These people received personal hygiene products such as: liquid soap, shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, absorbents/tampons, toothbrush and toothpaste, disinfectant, clothes detergent, pampers and various hygiene products for baby care and also seasonal clothes and shoes. Also, through the online campaign, we managed to make the public aware of useful information for stopping this kind of violence such as: contact details of specialized centers in our city that are helping fighting against this problem, phone apps that can be used by victims of violence, studies on cases of violence. The special department for social services from our City Hall was a partner of our project. Also we had as partners: a local coffeeshop (Statia de Cafea), an educational center (Centrul Sturz) and an online shop (Loxan). The local press published articles about this project. It was very appreciated and impactful in our community.