Rotaract EndPlasticSoup Environmental Action Days

We are excitedly anticipating the upcoming action days and would be thrilled to have you join us! EndPlasticSoup, in collaboration with Rotaract Europe, Rotaract Scheveningen, and Rotaract Dubai extends a warm invitation for you to participate in the following weekend events in October: October 14-15: Rotaract EndPlasticSoup Clean Day.

During this weekend, we are orchestrating global clean-up endeavors within the world of Rotaract. This action will involve all the Rotaract clubs in the world, and your participation will undoubtedly amplify our impact. We invite you to engage in one or more of the following actions:

  • Participate in clean-up activities encompassing streets, rivers, beaches, forests, lakes, and other locations.
  • Engage in brainstorming sessions aimed at enhancing your local community and environment.
  • Lead awareness campaigns on pivotal subjects such as recycling, plastic usage, environmental preservation, water pollution, and responsible waste management.
  • Use an app like Literaliti to check on each piece of trash, the origin and which company is responsible for the trash.
  • Champion campaigns that advocate the cessation of single-use plastic consumption.

We enthusiastically encourage you and your club to contribute your unique ideas for this weekend. Once you and your club have solidified your plans, we kindly request that you document them in our Google form, thus becoming an integral part of the worldwide movement to restore the earth’s cleanliness and vitality. Your commitment is deeply valued and tremendously impactful.
Kindly upload photos of your efforts to the organizers. A certificate will be issued by the organizers.

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Project by Rotaract Scheveningen, Rotaract Dubai, Endplasticsoup Rotary, and Rotaract Europe