Emergency Response to the Floods in Slovenia

Dear Rotaractors & Rotarians across Europe,

We are deeply saddened by the enormous natural disaster that hit Slovenia. This is arguably the worst natural disaster the country has ever experienced, as explained in this article.

In such a tragedy, it is a time to show we stand together and help the ones in need. Here are three ways you can help:



1. Financial Contributions

Money is currently the most critical need. Rotary District 1912 is collecting funds to cover essential needs like food, water, clothing, medical care, and assistance in rebuilding homes and infrastructure. Please donate via bank transfer to:

Zveza Rotary klubov Slovenije – Distric 1912
Stegne 23a, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: TRR SI56 0201 3025 7301 922
Purpose of payment: Za akcijo pomoči poplavljenim/ For the campaign to help the flooded



2. Local Fundraising initiatives

Organize fundraising campaigns with your local Rotaract Clubs, and send the money directly to the account mentioned above. If your district is initiating any distinctive fundraising project, do not forget to register your project on the project directory, to inspire and guide other clubs.



3. Volunteering Opportunities

For those who are willing to lend a hand on the ground – aiding in the cleanup of flooded homes, participating in damage restoration, and providing basic necessities to the affected areas – volunteering opportunities are available through various Slovenian associations. The following links are in Slovenian, but most browsers offer translation add-ons to assist you:

    1. ADRA Slovenia: https://forms.office.com/e/dp8xqDYpcb
    2. Slovenian Philantropy: https://www.filantropija.org/2023/08/04/zbiranje-interesa-za-pomoc-po-poplavah/
    3. Karitas Slovenia: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSn8JB1JZzf3CEJ00JbLZtKbCupxMN1-ePqBWi2WeDfzpA7w/viewform

For more information or if you want to share a campaign to support Slovenia, please contact us at board@rotaracteurope.eu