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Linos Vandekerckhove • Unraveling HIV

Doctor in Medical Sciences and a specialist in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He combined his infectious disease specialist education program with a PhD in the laboratory for Molecular Virology in a Catholic University in Leuven.  Since 2008 he is a Group Leader at the HIV translational Unit at the Ghent University and since 2010 […]

Johan Maertens • Addiction Prevention

He is manager in a Centre for personal rational training, a consultant and a personal coach for the International Management and Health Advisors BVBA, and a founder of “De Sleutel”. De Sleutel is a network for drug addiction prevention and treatment as a nonprofit association of the Brothers of Charity in Flanders. Johan, finished his […]

Lisa Levinson • Diamonds – making the intangible tangible

She is currently working as a Strategic Project Manager at Diamond Producers association. She studied Business and economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and financial management at the University of Cape Town. She got awarded by UK’s no.1 jewellery magazine list as one of the 100 most influential leaders in the British jewellery industry […]

Andrea Condotta • People 4.0

He holds a Master’s Degree in political science from the University of Padua, Italy. Since 2008 he has been Project and Financial Manager for several development and innovative projects for public and private bodies such as Veneto Region and Venice Port Authority. He has also been an advisor for CFLI (Consortium for Training & Research […]