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The Problem – Reading proficiency, frequency, and enjoyment are steadily decreasing among children and adolescents. The 2023 released IGLU study proved that one in four fourth-grade students in schools in Germany falls below the international minimum standard in reading, thus confirming the negative trend that has been emerging since the early 2000s.

The Causes – The causes of the problem are diverse. The main causes include language barriers due to insufficient German language skills, which are essential for subject instruction; large class sizes in primary and secondary schools due to an increasing nationwide shortage of skilled personnel; a growing trend of early school dropout, and last but not least, the massive disruptions in teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Consequences – The consequences of the problem are dire. And not just for the individual who experiences the effects in their professional and personal life, but also for society as a whole. Moreover, the consequences of the problem are tangible – because the generation currently entering the workforce, which exhibits glaring deficiencies in reading proficiency, is an existing reality.

The Project – “Passion for Reading” as a Rotaract Federal Social Action addresses this problem and advocates for the promotion of reading among children and adolescents. The project is based on three objectives:

We want to raise awareness about the issue, educate about its facets, and encourage engagement. We want to implement various hands-on projects nationwide to provide children and adolescents with opportunities to read and instill joy in reading. We want to provide books to 100 classes in schools in Germany, leveraging resources within the Rotary family. Let’s make a difference together and ignite a passion for reading!