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In the earthquake centered in Kahramanmaraş, the products of the Soteria Mosaics Women’s Cooperative, whose shop was destroyed, were recovered from the rubble and transferred to Istanbul with the assistance of Erenköy Rotaract Club. They had no hope of selling these mosaics. However, we quickly organized ourselves. We contacted Rotary clubs. The Fındıklı Rotary Club agreed to store the products in their offices. Erenköy Rotary Club bought mosaics as gift to guest speakers and successful members. Yeniköy Rotary Club provided a stand which is costs at their new year bazaars in İstanbul Swiss Hotel because of that we sold not just Rotarians also foreigners. Rotarians enabled us to sell by promoting them to their surroundings. In addition to selling many mosaics, we also ensured the women’s cooperative received new orders. As part of the project we organized various events. For example we organized a dart tournament with Kalamış, Yeniköy, and Erenköy Rotaract clubs. We awarded the winners with mosaics as prizes. Districts 2430 and 2441 provided mosaics as awards for district officers. We made 2.500 USD Revenue for Soteria Women Mosaic Cooperative. Now, they started the construct their new shop in Hatay.