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The “Red Sock” project is a meaningful initiative by the Dolmabahçe Rotaract Club aimed at bringing joy to children undergoing hospital treatment during the holiday season and ensuring they experience the Christmas spirit. The project consists of three main steps: Preparation of Christmas Stockings: Volunteers come together to carefully design special Christmas stockings using colorful felt, each uniquely crafted with the aim of bringing smiles to the children’s faces.

Preparation and Packaging of Gifts: Each Christmas stocking is filled with personalized gifts and heartfelt notes to provide moral support and encouragement to the children. Carefully selected gifts are placed in beautiful gift packages.

Distribution of Gifts: In the final step, the prepared gifts are delivered to the children in the hospitals as Christmas presents. Volunteers aim to personally deliver the gift packages to the children if hospital conditions allow, otherwise, two designated individuals from the Dolmabahçe Rotaract Club will ensure delivery and share photos with the volunteers.

This project, aiming to create a Christmas experience filled with love, solidarity, and hope, will be realized through the contributions of volunteers, allowing children undergoing challenging treatment processes to find morale and experience an unforgettable Christmas.