E.R.I.C. Social Awards – Best European Social Project Winners

Did you miss social projects? We do too! Luckily, this year we had many applications for the E.R.I.C.Social Awards and we would like to share the spotlight on the winners who got through the final stage!

For Best European Social Project Awards, we had 2 winners in 2nd place and 2 winners in 3rd place!

By Alexandra Ciobotaru | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

Congratulations to all of the winners for Best European Social Project! 

Find the presentations of all the nominees on our Facebook page:

1. AVANGUARDIA DIGITALE from Italy – RAC Tortona, and clubs from Districts 2032, 2041, 2090, 2100, 2042, 2072, 2071, 2120, 2110, 2080 with the help of RC Tortona, RC Bologna & Google, Microsoft, Ferrari, Oakley, Marketing Espresso Agency.

Purpose: Avanguardia Digitale is the first Italian charity masterclass dedicated to digital marketing and innovation. The goal was to give members the skills they need to develop their online business.

2. Rotaract 2080 per NEMO – Adotta un fisioterapista respiratorio from Italy – A joint project with 52 Clubs of Rotaract District 2080 together with Centro clinico NEMO.

Purpose: Raise 10.000€ in order to ensure free sessions of respiratory physiotherapy to SLA, SMA and Muscular dystrophy patients. These pathologies cause the progressive weakening of the respiratory muscles necessary for breathing.

2. Reboot from Italy – Rotaract District 2090 involving 38 Rotaract Clubs and 69 Rotary Clubs. 

Purpose: Reboot aims at recuperating, regenerating, and donating disused digital devices to needy families and communities.

3. Des visières pour nos anges gardiens from France – Rotaract Club Moselle-Est together with 11 Rotaract Clubs and 7 Rotary Clubs from District 1790 and 40 commercial partners. 

Purpose: Provide protective visors for nurses, hospital services, doctors, nurses’ aides, ambulance drivers, stretcher-bearers, nurse home, and other people in contact with COVID-19.

3. Small Steps Towards a Bigger Goal from Poland – RAC Warszawa together with 8 other Rotaract Clubs and 8 Rotary Clubs from District 2231.

Purpose: Promote eco-friendly lifestyles, new Area of Focus, and celebrate March (month of clean water and sanitation) as well as to calculate how much of an impact small actions have when done by a large number of people.