E.R.I.C. Social Awards – Winners Rotaract – Rotary Collaboration

The five finalists for the Rotaract – Rotary Collaboration were: Project Clochard – Italy, The Christmas Movie – Poland, Sapins Solidaires – France, Action Bon Cadeaux – France and Drugs and Help for Lebanon – Italy

By Alexandra Ciobotaru | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

It is time to share the good news and congratulate the winners of the E.R.I.C. Awards in this category!

Find the nominees for the Rotaract – Rotary Collaboration Award here:

  1. Drugs and Help for Lebanon from Italy – RAC Palermo Ovest and 4 other Rotaract Clubs from District 2110 together with 2 Rotary Clubs and 7 partners: Associazione Giorgio La Pira Onlus, Associazione AgisciPalermo Onlus, Associazione Pia Opera infermi poveri a domicilio, Parrocchia San’t Ernesto, Farmacia Solidale delle Suore Teatine – “Villa Nave”, Associazione APiS Azione Parkinson in Sicilia, Farmacia Vetro Domenico

Purpose: Help as many people as possible by providing the necessary drugs in response to the explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020, in the port of Beirut and especially in this period of the pandemic in a militarized country that is experiencing a serious moment of difficulty in which the masses empty pharmacies.

2. Sapins Solidaires from France – R.A.C. Les fous du Roy and other 3 Rotaract Clubs and 2 Rotary Clubs from District 1660 and Scouts as partners.

Purpose: Buying and delivering Christmas trees before Christmas. The entire profit is allocated to a social cause. For example, this year profit of 7 794€ was donated to “Un petit bagage d’amour,” which gives a pack of necessities and layettes to mothers in great precariousness who have just given birth.

3. Progetto Clochard from Italy – RAC Costa Gaia, Palermo, Palermo Agorà, Palermo Est, Palermo Mediterranea, Palermo Mondello, Palermo Monreale, Palermo Monte Pellegrino, Palermo Nord, Palermo Ovest, Palermo Parco delle Madonie, Palermo Sud, Palermo Teatro del Sole from D2110 with other 22 Rotary Clubs and Associazione Rotary International Francesca Morvillo Onlus.

Purpose: Give the homeless people of Palermo the support they need with food, clothes, and hygienical issues. “We have storage for clothes, we give them a hot home-cooked dinner cooked by the members of the clubs once a week, and we let them have a hot shower once a week. It is essential to us to provide social inclusion.”

Congratulations to all the winners of the E.R.I.C. Social Awards for Best Rotaract – Rotary Collaboration!