Bringing the world to Germany.

GermanBox: Bringing the world to Germany. That was one of the goals of Rotaract Germany for this Rotary year.

By Alexandra Ciobotaru | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

Articled share by Carolin Christ, Country Representative for Rotaract Germany

We quickly put the idea into practice and the result is the “GermanBox 2021”: Discovering Germany by touch, sound, and taste.

We immediately started planning, bought German drinks and delicacies, packed them into large boxes, and sent them around the world to other Rotaractors who were curious to discover Germany.

Our GermanBox took us on a virtual culinary journey through Germany with 8 European Rotaractors and 5 German Rotaractors, who were the tour guides by presenting different regions. 

Together we cooked a traditional white sausage breakfast with sweet mustard and enjoyed it with a beer, introduced them to some special combination of alcohol mixed with a typical German candy called “Ahojbrause”, learned about how different the foods and traditions are in different parts of Germany, and listened to personal family stories from Germany’s history. We were able to discover Germany in a new way, which was a great reward!

The evening was a big success and lasted longer than expected. The best feedback we could get was:

“This was the greatest online event I’ve attended so far. It really felt like traveling!”

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about the concept and we are happy to support you, in case you want to implement this concept in your own country!

Carolin Christ & Katharina Weingärtner, Country Representatives of Rotaract Germany 2020-2021