Rotaract spirit showcased in Cyprus

Despite the restrictions and social distancing we all go through, beautiful things happen!

By Alexandra Ciobotaru | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

Text shared by Andria Nikolaidou | Country Representative Cyprus

Rotaract Club of the University of Nicosia sponsored by RC Nicosia Aspelia

Project: Christmas Refugee Project

Despite the restrictions and social distancing we all go through, beautiful things happen!

Before the end of 2020, Rotaract Club-University of Nicosia embarked on this journey of collecting warm clothes and dry foodstuff, to be donated to refugees around Christmas time.

This initiative was a result of the club’s continuous interest in supporting refugees and spreading happiness to kids and families in the refugees’ camp.

Members of the club designed and distributed flyers across the university residences, reaching out to friends and acquaintances in order to promote the event and gather as many items as possible.

Within two (2) weeks from the initiation of this project, the club managed to collect fourteen (14) bags, which included winter clothing and dry foodstuff.

The recipients comprised of both the “Generation for Change Cyprus” and the “Cyprus refugee council”. The items collected were divided into two batches and, with great honor, handed over to the Generation for Change Cyprus on Saturday 19th December 2020 and the Cyprus refugee council on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

 “When there is a will, there is a way”

Rotaract Club of Nicosia and Rotaract Club of Lefkothea 

Project: A warm Christmas Meal (Christmas Initiative)

Rotaract Club of Nicosia and Rotaract Club of Lefkothea joined forces to support Rotary Nicosia’s effort, in collaboration with the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation, aiming to raise money for supplying warm Christmas Meals to Families in need, during the Christmas Holidays in 2020.


The two Rotaract Clubs, via their social media campaign, managed to raise a total of €1,820. This amount was an impactful contribution to Rotary Nicosia’s efforts, for feeding a total of 42 Families on Christmas Eve 2020. The Christmas Meal baskets were filled with food supplies, such as pasta and juice, toys, and supermarket gift vouchers. The baskets were delivered to the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation in the presence of the Mayor of Nicosia. The total amount that was raised by the collaboration of the three clubs, Rotary Club of Nicosia, Rotaract Club of Nicosia, and Rotaract Club of Lefkothea was a total of over €4,000.

Fellowship Rotaract Club of Nicosia

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

A throwback to our Fellowship day trip to Lefkara and Kato Drys villages that took place in November 2020, where Rotaractors had the chance to relax, walk around the traditional villages of Cyprus and enjoy the lovely traditional food Cyprus has to offer. Exploring Cyprus with friends is always a good choice!

The members of the Rotaract Club of Nicosia had the chance to bond and have fun with each other while also experiencing the rich cultural gifts of Cyprus. The Rotaract Club of Nicosia never ceases to believe in the importance of building a great team with new goals, new projects while also sharing the same values – Respect, Love, and Determination!

Some fun facts about the fellowship location: Located in the Larnaka (Larnaca) region, the mountainous village of Lefkara is split into Pano Lefkara and Kato Lefkara (higher and lower Lefkara), and is world-renowned for its traditional handicrafts of lace embroidery and filigree silver.

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Fellowship Rotaract Club of the University of Nicosia sponsored by RC Nicosia Aspelia

Members from RAC University of Nicosia joined a bowling event since some of the members had not tried bowling before and would be an amazing learning experience. This demonstrated the will of the members to not only teach one another but work as a team, assisting the members to learn fast but also have fun.

The outcome of this night was that we had the opportunity to learn about each other’s short-term goals as well as future aspirations.

Fellowship Rotaract Club of the Rotaract Nicosia Ledra

At the beginning of April, the Rotaract Nicosia Ledra organized a fellowship event following a series of online meetings and social distancing. The fellowship took place at Sedici Bar in the center of Nicosia.

The members of the club had a lot of fun after a long time. The most important part of the night was the pinning of a new member, Maria Tziakouri, by the president of the club Andreas Vassiliou.

It’s fantastic to see how local clubs grow in Cyprus and we hope the next year will soon allow for international events!