What is an MDIO?

MDIO means Multi-Districts Information Organisation. There are 24 MDIOs officially recognized by Rotary International.

By Emanuela Venturini | Rotaract Europe, Marketing

What are MDIOs?

Every MDIO serves Rotaract differently, even if they share the same values. For example? 

Rotaract South Asia organizes annual events to bring Rotaractors together, considering its vastness, an incredible opportunity for connection. Rotaract Brasil aims to share information similarly among its fellows.

Rotaract Europe, the oldest MDIO recognized, works on creating relations among Rotaractors, including three official yearly events.

What about communication?

Communication is nowadays a crucial topic, even in our association. It’s a tool we use to share information, make our activities appealing. With Elevate Rotaract, it’s even more essential to make Rotarians aware of our accomplishments.

MDIOs use this instrument in several different ways: Pilipinas MDIO inserted in its website a section with information about all Clubs of the area to make it easy for people to find information.

According to Mafalda, President of Rotaract Europe: “The key role of Rotaract Europe is to spread the correct information simply following an effective process.” Of the same advice is Astrid, President of Rotaract Mediterranean.

How can MDIOs collaborate?

Collaboration is the key to a successful year and every President can confirm that. This is why leaders of MDIOs are doing their best to cooperate (one of the purposes of internationality in Rotary and Rotaract).

This year the leaders of the various MDIOs are involved in meetings where they can share fears, goals, and dreams: it is so helpful to notice that other people are in your exact situation, you feel less lonely. This is the opportunity to share different experiences and approaches to the goals every MDIO tries to reach. 

“No matter your background or experience, part of being a good leader is to recognize that external help and advice are in some cases key to a good decision. Following that line of thinking is why great importance that I recognize the collaboration of MDIOS leaders not only because common problems are easier to solve together, but also because of an opportunity to see things in a new perspective”.

Mafalda Sofia Luis, Rotaract Europe President

See below a map of all Rotaract Multi-Districts Information Organisation across the world! What a community!