Macro: Youth Making a Difference

Friday, October 6th – from 13:00 to 15:00

Who? Brittany ARTHUR, current President of RAC Berlin and the Vice-Chair of the Rotary International Joint Committee for Young Leaders and Alumni Engagement.

What? In this workshop you’ll learn and use two Design Thinking methods; Stakeholder Map and Creative Matrix, to brainstorm innovative ways to make a difference in your community. You’ll also be able to translate the methods and lessons learned in this workshop on your jobs.

Micro: I Feel Slovenia

Saturday, October 7th – from 13:00 to 15:00

Who?  Jani VALJAVEC, co-founder of the IT company Iconomi and Marko PODKUBOVŠEK, owner of the wine brand Sanctum.

What? In this workshop you’ll learn something about Slovenia, its economy and culture. In particular, you will talk about how to do economy in a green way, through digital (does digital mean green? let’s find it out) and through a natural brand for wine (yes, there will be a small tasting!).

Nano: Green Meditation

Friday, October 6th – from 13:00 to 15:00

Who?  Giorgio FELETTO, from Rotary Club Conegliano – Vittorio Veneto, is a business coach (S.F.E.R.A. Coaching certificated) and founder of Lead Italia.

What? In the last years Giorgio developed a new passion: Monumental Trees. Through personal studies and visits to these ancient beings, he developed a new perspective about nature, truly understanding the depth of the connection we have with it and its power and beauty. In 2016 he started bringing groups to meditate with monumental trees, making people know more about forests and about consciousness in the plant realm. In this workshop, you’ll learn a few things about it – and about yourself.


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