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Rotary Charity Ball to celebrate the Independence Day of Latvia on the 18th of November. We celebrate it on the 17th of November so we are the first ones doing it. The Ball has been taking place 9 times and the last one was managed entirely by the Rotaract and Interact members.

Around 250 participants were attending the Charity ball.

In the evening there are a couple of opening speeches, people dancing polonaise, a gala dinner, an orchestra, an auction of the arts and other valuable goods and a lottery. At midnight we sing the anthem of Latvia, drink champagne and eat cake. Around 1 am we go for a march to the Statue of Liberty that represents our independence.

This time, we raised 6`700 euros. The money was used to make a Christmas event for Ukrainian kids who live in Latvia. (see detailed in the Project Directory under the title ”Christmas for Ukrainian Kids”).