Baltic peoples, that are even more ancient than Indian peoples, knew where one can find the most beautiful, energeticarem_finallly rich places in the world. The climate in Latvia is unique, as one can experience all four seasons to the fullest. It is no surprise that this territory has always been desired by Russians, Germans, Swedish, Poles and others.

The inhabitants of Latvia are as unique as its territory – not fighters, but rather patient, calm, and always believe in a better future. Latvian people have never been truly tamed and are almost impossible to standardize.

Therefore, also REM Riga will offer several innovations. The first step was the on-line registration system, and we are also developing a smartphone app to make it easier for participants to get around our beautiful city. The opening and flag ceremonies will have a new interactive, interesting format. 

The PRE-REM tour will offer an insight in one of the periods of Latvian history, also changing the stereotype of it being just a sad story. We have prepared several surprises for the participants, that they will find out step by step as the event gets closer.

We also have a tip for future REM organizers – even before we won in Kyiv, we knew the exact budget – it was developed very meticulously, we had booked the hotel and made sure all the venues for other events were available at the desired dates. And, most importantly, we defined for ourselves the aim and significance of this event.

We have put our love in preparing REM Riga, and that is why you will fall in love with Latvia!

Emils Latkovskis and Jānis Kundziņš