As with every good thing, also EuCo 2013 had to come to an end.

Thanks to all our friends who came and celebrated with us 25 years of service! Thank you also for your active participation in the E.R.I.C. Meeting, the E.R.I.C. Conference and the Workshops!

For all who could not make it to Rome, here are the main results of the conference:

Elected E.R.I.C. Board 2013/2014:

President: Laura Verdegaal (The Netherlands)
Vice President: Doris Grimm (Germany)
Secretary: Delyan Kapitanov (Bulgaria)
Social Officer: Emelie Fältskog (Sweden)
Social Assistant: Joana Pires (Portugal)
Marketing Officer: Veronica Bradaschia (Italy)
Marketing Assistant: Rana Kesken (Turkey)
Marketing Assistant: Marco Menegon (Italy)
IT Officer: Ciprian Doroftei (Romania)
IT Assistant: Javier Roldán Vicente (Spain)
Treasurer: Friederike Schlüter (Germany)
Past President: Mikolaj Nikola Dragovic (Poland)

Host of EuCo 2014:

French Riviera, District 1730, France

Best European Social Project:

1. District 2202, Spain: Ten Years of Gambasse
2. District 1820 & 1860, Germany: Kids Camp
3. RAC Alsancak, District 2240, Turkey: Book Travel

Twin Club Award:

1. RAC Bremen, D1850, Germany & RAC Istanbul Galatasaray, D2420, Turkey
2. RAC Lala Lajpatrai College, Mumbai, D3140, India & RAC Nidda, D1820, Germany
3. RAC Alexandria East, D2450, Egypt, RAC Las Americas, D4250, Guatemala, RAC Manila Metro, D3210, Philippines, RAC Moscow East, D2220, Russia & RAC Nicosia Aspelia, D2450, Cyprus

We hope to see you all in Riga for the first REM in 2013/2014!