Dear Rotaract-friends across Europe,

Have you already thought about your Rotaract engagement for the year 2013/14? Did a position in the European Rotaract Information Centre (E.R.I.C.) is on your list of options? Working for the E.R.I.C. can bring you tons of experience and new friendships. You can learn a lot and most of all engage yourself and develop new ideas.

What are the requirements you need to fulfill?
– Only for applying as E.R.I.C. president you need to have been a country representative, all other board positions are open to engaged Rotaractors from a district that belongs to E.R.I.C.
– You are an active member in your club
– You understand and speak English
– You have Rotaract experience

When will the election be?
Every candiate will have the opportunity to present him/herself in the E.R.I.C. Committee Meeting during EUCO ROME 2013. After the presentation the election will take place.

Which positions are there?
You can read about all E.R.I.C. positions in

Do you have any questions?
You can ask all current board members about their job descriptions and experiences. Please, feel free to contact them by mail.

Do you want to apply to an ERIC position?
If so, please fill in the Application Form Board position 2013-2014 and send it by mail to before May, 5th 2013

The candidates will be announced here in the website after the deadline.

Every candidate will have the opportunity to give a presentation during the E.R.I.C. meeting at the EuCo in Rome.

All the best,

Laura Verdegaal & Johanna Bischoff
E.R.I.C. Secretary and Treasurer 2012/13