Dear Rotaractors,

I am glad to inform you that today we are starting the application process for Best European Service Project (BESP) and Twin Club Award (TCA)!
Here you are the BESP and TCA presentation hold in REM 2013 Timisoara which describes the process of this year’s awards.
Below you have the key points:
How to apply?
Please fill in the application form and submit it to your ERIC Country Representative
IMPORTANT: Photos should be pasted in the application form (on a separate sheet), but not sent separately.


by March 17th each E.R.I.C. Country Representatives should submit the top-5 applications from their your country
– from March 17th till April 1sth, Judgement Committee will select the Top 5 best applications.
from April 1sth till April 13th all E.R.I.C. should select best applications among 5 finalists
The winner will remain secret until the small Oscar ceremony during the gala dinner in Rome!
Wish you good luck!
Nika Anžel
E.R.I.C. Social officer 2012/2013