Earlier this summer, Jacopo Manzari, a young film director from San Marino, won the award for Best Foreign Short Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards of 2017 with his movie Shalim Goodbye.

Written and directed by Jacopo, the short film tells the story of Mario, an arrogant old men from San Marino, and his complicated friendship with Shalim, a foreigner who is totally his opposite. The  movie sheds light on the issue of superiority, often felt by those who are luckier, and how the less fortunate have to conform to their thoughts and beliefs.

On September 30 Jacopo himself will present his movie to our new candidates, the Rotary club of San Marino and other neighbour Rotaract members. The evening will take place in the old city centre of San Marino, with lots of popcorns and friends to enjoy them with.