Welcome to the Trivia that celebrates the foundation of our beloved European Rotaract MDIO.

To commemorate the amazing success we’ve had over the last 30 years the E.R.I.C. Executive Board has created a trivia game for all European Rotaractors.

Together we can embrace the spirit of celebration! 😊 We welcome you to our game and wish you luck! 😉

This is how the game works:

Where and When:
Every week the E.R.I.C. official Facebook page will post one trivia pop quiz question… There is no specific date or time – EVERYTHING is random (any day, anytime, any format – yes we do like surprises 😉).

Subjects of the Questions:
2.1 Questions will focus on anything related to Rotaract Europe and the clubs, districts and countries which make up E.R.I.C.
2.2 To form these questions E.R.I.C. Marketing Team will talk with each country’s CR who wishes to be involved in their country’s specific trivia pop quiz.
2.3 The Marketing Team will propose the question, date of the post and the suggested prize to the CR responsible for the particular country we are mentioning.
2.4 All the posts will be verified by the CR of the country involved in the post.
2.5 The posts about E.R.I.C. will be made and verified by the E.R.I.C. Executive Board.

3.1 Only Rotaractors from E.R.I.C. districts with CR’s can participate in the game. This is an important aspect because of the delivery of the prizes (see section 5.3).
3.2 Exceptions:
a. Rotaractors and CR’s cannot answer the question for their own country;
b. E.R.I.C. Executive Board cannot answer the questions about E.R.I.C. and about their own countries; (*see note 1)
c. The Marketing Team of E.R.I.C. cannot answer any trivia pop quiz questions.
d. Previous winners are also ineligible to compete (this rule was amended on September 9, 2017).

4.1 Every question will have only one winner.
4.2 The winner will be the first Rotaractor to answer the question correctly.
4.3 The confirmation of the winner and correctness of the answer will be confirmed by the E.R.I.C. Marketing Team, according to the order and response that appears on their computer.

In case of disqualification of the winner, the price will be given to the second qualifier (Disqualification may be caused by a participant drastically editing their post after a correct answer is posted subsequently).

5.1 The prizes for the E.R.I.C. related questions are the responsibility of the E.R.I.C. Marketing Team.
5.2 The prizes for country related questions are the responsibility of the CR’s involved. E.R.I.C. Executive Board cannot be responsible for this prizes. (i.e. the CR is responsible to deliver the prize to the winner or designate another person to do so).
5.3 Winners may pick up their prizes during the respective E.R.I.C. events. If you win and do not pick up your prize at the upcoming REM or EuCo, we cannot guarantee your prize will still be available (i.e. Any winners before October 5th who do not pick up in Ljubljana may not get their prize).
These are the respective events you can pick up your prize:
a. October 05th – REM Ljubljana
b. January 17th – REM Vilnius
c. April 03rd – EuCo Antwerp
d. After April 03rd – REM Fall 2018
5.4 The prizes will be delivered to the winner (the winners will be notified about how to claim their prize, etc. in a timely manner). If the winner is not attending the E.R.I.C. event the prize will be delivered to his/her CR or another designated person (the winner most delegate and arrange this).
5.5 If the CR fails to deliver the prize, the E.R.I.C. Executive Board is not responsible.

6.1 The following situations will lead to disqualification:
a. Any fraud detected by E.R.I.C. Marketing Team will leave to the disqualification of the winner;
b. Any use of inappropriate language will lead to the disqualification of the winner.
6.2 Disqualified Rotaractors will not receive his/her prize(s), and cannot take part in any other questions.

Missing Rules:
If any situation not currently mentioned happens, the E.R.I.C. Marketing Team has the jurisdiction to decide according to the spirit of the Rotaract and the French Revolution! 😉


Note 1: After deliberation, this rule is no longer valid. Now, any member of E.R.I.C. Executive Board (and assistants) cannot answer any question of the this trivial (4th August 2017).