Before every European Rotaract event, the Marketing Team edits an wonderful Magazine gathering articles from all around Europe. Before 2013, the Magazine was called “newsletter” but it had the same rich content and frequency of diffusion

If you want to get your article published in the next edition of the ERIC Magazine, you can send a text of about 300 words and some pictures to the marketing team by clicking on the button to the right.

Rotaract year 2016-2017

Editor : Marketing Work Group

Rotaract year 2015-2016

Editor : Veronica Bradaschia

Rotaract year 2014-2015

Marketing officer : Elia Estragues

Rotaract year 2013-2014

Marketing officer : Veronica Bradaschia

This year, there was also a special edition sent to all MDIO of the world that you can see on the right

Rotaract year 2012-2013

Marketing officer : Letizia Cardelli

Rotaract year 2011-2012

Marketing officer : Mikolaj Dragovic

Rotaract year 2010-2011

Marketing officer : Jordan Terziyski 

Rotaract year 2009-2010

Marketing officer : Eszter Nemeth


Here is the complete list of the newsletters we have so far :

Issuu stack