• Country: Croatia

  • Club: RAC Velika Gorica

  • District: 1913

To celebrate the International animal day Rotaract club Velika Gorica decided to make an event where citizens of Velika Gorica could help the Dog shelter in Velika Gorica. That no-kill shelter has 40 dogs that can’t find their family. They needed blankets, towels and sheets so they can be covered during the cold winters in Croatia. Rotaract club Velika Gorica managed to collect enough material for them to be warm the whole winter and without the help of other Croatian Rotaract clubs and the citizens of Velika Gorica that wouldn’t be possible. „This was our first project where we helped animals and we are sure that it is not going to be our last “, said the president Mirela Kotrman. The event was organized on Saturday 6.10. in the city library on the main square.