• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Guzelbahce Rotaract Club

  • District: 2440

  • Number of people involved: 30

  • Total hours volunteered: 25

  • Number of €€€ involved: 500

  • Quantifiable Results:

    30 kids had attended workshops, wall will be visited by many museum visitors.

In this project we aimed to support children with leucaemia by comforting them and their families with some art workshop(in our case we preferred ceramics arts). During the project we had been in cooperation with local municipality, our Rotary Club, Our Interact Club and some NGO’s which are mainly working about health and especially leucaemia. We also had support of a ceramic arts teacher whom is working at local municipality’s ceramic arts center.

Project includes 4 main stages;

1-We had been in agreement with local municipality of Bornova/Izmir and our ceramic arts teacher.We have declared our project to our Rotary Club, Interact Club and other NGO’s.(Guzelbahce Rotary, Club, Guzelbahce Interact Club and EGEONKODER/Aegean Oncology Association)We Rotaractors had met at Bornova Municipality Hobby Center and prepared main ingredient of ceramic workshop, in clay form we have prepared some kite and ballon figures in 17.10.2017.

2-At 18.10.2017 we have transferred ceramic arts materials to Tulay Aktas Oncology Center to a classroom and hobby/play room specially made for kids with leucaemia . We have taken advice of our doctors from EGEONKODER, the workshop had been arrranged at a suitable time for children and their parents.The kids have prepared some clay stuff upon kite and ballon figures which were made by us. They have prepared and planted figures as their wish and imagination.We have carried kite and balloon figures back to hobby center for cooking pahse of ceramic works.

3-When the figures/products were ready to get painted (about 1 week later) we have bought some ceramic paints (as colorful as it can get) and re-carried them to Tulay Aktas Oncology Center to kids for some ceramic painting workshop. Kids have painted kite and balloon figures as they wished.Also Rotarians,Rotaractors and Interactors had attended to workshop to aid kids during thier painting.After painting process products had been carried back to the Bornova Municipality Hobby Center for final cooking.

4-At final stage we had been in cooperation with Bornova Municipality ,we requested a suitable wall to put ceramic products on and they have chosen a wall at a very popular and visited museum in their region and also they have painted wall with blue hich symbolizes sky. As Rotaractors and Interactors we had met at the museum and we have put kite and balloon figures on the wall.

And finally we had an opening of the wall with all parties.Bornova Municipality Mayor, Guzelbahce Rotary-Rotaract-Interact Clubs, EGEONKODER, kids and their families have come to museum. The wall has been gifted to all museum visitors and our kids whom are fighting ith leucaemia.

Wall of hope includes kites and ballons freely flying on the sky and it is the symbol of hope for kids whose are able to make art during their fight with leucaemia, it had been at least a small comfort to kids and their families during treatment process.It had been placed at a museum and we hope it will increase awareness about leucaemia.Also we had been in close corporation with our Rotary-Intearct family and also with local municipality. This was a great thing and in future with these type of cooperations we can achieve more and more…