• Club: Rotaract Club Bydgoszcz

  • District: 1910

Is it possible to have fun while doing something good for the community? All Rotaractors should say YES. We do not help others because we are forced to do so, but because we want to and because it makes us happy. Our club likes events and projects that require some kind of action. Therefore, we decided to walk the dogs from an animals’ shelter in our city. It is the kind of activity that is not difficult to do – you do not need many people do be involved at the same time. We simply take turns – when somebody has time, they ask others if anybody wants to join and there is always somebody willing to do so. What is important, we have fun, we spend time with each other, integrate and make the dogs happy. It is difficult to imagine how happy they are to have someone to go on a walk with! To make the project even better, we invite the Rotary Youth Exchange students who stay in our city to join us and they absolutely love the idea.