• Country: Russia

  • Club: Rotaract Club Krasnoyarsk-Yenisei

  • District: Territory 057

  • Number of people involved: 30

  • Total hours volunteered: 150

  • Quantifiable Results: 35 kg of delicious animal food and a beautiful exhibition cage!

What does the holiday start from? It comes to your home out of the blue. For example, for all your life you were dreaming of receiving a cherished letter from Hogwarts. And suddenly, you get it! In a tasty cinnamon-smelling envelope. With a real wax seal. And with a ticket inside to a charity party, where you can become the winner of the Triwizard Cup. Finally, that cherished ticket is in your hands!

You come to a specified place, and see the tall doors of an ancient building. Somewhere in another world it’s the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College, but now, for you it’s a real Hogwarts with huge staircases and live pictures, with Moaning Myrtle in the toilet and with scary dungeons. Right at the entrance you are met by the Sorting Hat, which, with the help of a small trick and a large audio column next to it, says which department you are destined to enter. (Honestly, this hat is a bit more appeasable, and you can persuade it to take you to Gryffindor;)

Suddenly to the music of the string orchestra and flute Professor Dumbledore and Madame McGonagle get down the ladder to all new students. They greet you and this is the moment when magic begins … Quidditch, the lessons of astronomy, a terrible dungeon, where everyone starts to squeal as soon as they go in, potion making, Dementor arising in different places and scaring everyone, caring about magical creatures, a Yule Ball, a fight with a dragon, and in the end, a battle between Harry and Him-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named… Charity parties have become not only an effective recipe of fundraising and source of inspiration for the Krasnoyarsk Rotaract but also a nice way to get to know new people. This time we managed to attract representatives of small and medium-enterprises. Thanks to them, the participants of Triwizard Cup got valuable prizes. In total, “Hogwarts’ Secrets” party was attended by about 100 people. We were assisted by 20 volunteers, some of whom got really interested about Rotaract And of course the main goal of the event has been achieved: we have raised some funds for pets’ corner of the Krasnoyarsk Palace of Pioneers where animals with a difficult background are kept.

So, all the participants gather in the hall to wrap the day up with a theatrical performance. The Olivander’s Wands are sold out, the prizes for a win-win lottery are played out, and even Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has gone away. Somewhere in Krasnoyarsk, it was already evening … but no one wanted to leave Hogwarts.

It’s not hard to believe in magic, especially when it’s so close. We create the project ourselves, which means that we are not limited by standards. We have identified our goals and moving towards it. It connects an uncountable number of people, friends of friends and friends of friends. It breathes life into our project. The chance success plays a nice role in it – it becomes unique and sometimes even unpredictable. Isn’t it a miracle?