• Country: Portugal

  • Rotaract Portugal

  • District: 1960 & 1970

  • Number of people involved: 80

  • Number of €€€ involved: 4000

  • Quantifiable Results: 1500 trees planted

Every summer Portugal struggles to control hundreds of wildfires across all the continental territory and islands. The losses are always devastating and heartbreaking.
In order to make the difference in this scenario of ashes, Rotaract Portugal came together for a national project to reforest one of the most affected area – the Caramulo hills – and also alert for our cause.

During Rock in Rio – an huge music festival, originating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and now branched to Madrid, Las Vegas, and of course Lisbon – we developed a campaign of awareness where were sold 300 Reforesting Packs that included an one day ticket for the festival, and a Rotaract themed t-shirt about this project (never losing the chance to promote Rotaract in an event where possible future rotaractors could be waiting to be recruited).

At the end of the day, we appeared on national television and it was possible to collect enough money to plant trees.

After a lot of meetings with national responsables, it was time to plant 1.500 trees in 2 hectares in the region of Castelo Branco.

To celebrate Rotaract Week, we gathered more than 80 rotaractors, interactors and friends, and spent the day planting trees!

Now, if you need to be closer to the Mother Nature, you have a place to go: The Rotaract Forest.