• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Galatasaray Rotaract Club

  • District: 2420

The World is changed with a smile! Making a person smiling is not always only meant to make that person happy. This smile spreads, happiness is shared, people are connected to each other. There are thousand of ways to reach out the people, make them happy, be inspiration. We can be all agree with that as Rotaract family. We, as Galatasaray Rotaract Club found Tedy to spread happiness and peace. So, who is Teddy and how he is doing that? Let’s look together on what Teddy is doing!
Tedy is a lovely bear, his aim is to travel all over the World and spreading happiness and peace by travelling. A Rotaractor is accompanying him in every city. They are visiting popular and historical places of that city, taking lots of pictures and spending time together. Teddy even participating in projects of host Rotaractor’ s club, helping them and attending meetings. Host Rotaractor is deciding new destination of Tedy. He or She is finding a new place for him and sending him out to new host.
We, as Galatasaray Rotaract Club have started our ‘Tedy visits Rotaractors’ project in the last session. Adventure of Tedy has started with taking him from Turkey to Germany by one of our members. Teddy attended in a Germany trip with lots of Rotaract Clubs, visited lots of cities there and spent time with Rotaractors. Then he road to Canada and then to United States! He made a selfie with Niagara Fall, visited Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, went to Chicago and watched a basketball game. Teddy’s current destination is Mexico. His the latest activity was attending celebration of the annual tradition of Mexicans called as ‘the day of the dead’. The next destination of Tedy is already decided, he is going to go to Brazil.
There is also Instagram page of the project ‘Teddy visits Rotaractors’ with the name as ‘tedyvisitsrotaractors’. We are managing the page and uploading the pictures coming from host Rotaractors. If host Rotaractor requests to manage the page, we are giving the access and providing to manage the page by host Rotaractors. We are contacting to each new host and tracking Tedy from Istanbul!
Adventure of Tedy will go on as long as he finds a new host for himself. But it already seems it will be a long adventure!