• Country: Turkey

  • Club: RAC Bostancı

  • District: D2420

As a traditional project of Bostancı Rotaract Club, this year we have decided to enjoy a day with hearing-impaired children, aged 5 to 10 in Kidzania Istanbul. Kidzania is magical playground for any child! Within the scope of this Silent Istanbul Project, we aimed to strengthen the ties between these kids and the society by enhancing their communicational skills and making them to feel more involved in the society. Before the project in Club Meeting, we have learned sign language for basic communication. On the project day, we have played games and participated in various simulations together according to their interests in occupations; they have become chefs and made cookies, they have become engineers and constructed buildings, they have become cashiers and learned about money. After getting tired, we have enjoyed a meal together. As the day went by, they experienced a variety of jobs, completing all the specific tasks while constantly staying in contact with us.
This was a great day for the children as they discovered that they are capable of attaining their dream jobs and overcoming any obstacles they face in life. Love doesn’t have a voice, we don’t need to talk to understand each other. Love coming from deepest depth of our hearts is all that is needed.