Building kennels for an animal shelter with the participation of club members, orphans from Wolsztyn and members of Rotary Club Wolsztyn


We decided to make an integrative trip, which main goal was a charity action. During the first day we organized a meeting only for members of our club. The next day we went to children’s home and we spent the whole day building kennels. During this time we had fun playing volleyball, solving quiz about dogs and making “balloon dogs”. The participants of this event were the orphans from Wolsztyn and members of Rotary Club Wolsztyn. After a day of work we organized a barbecue near Wolsztyńskie Lake with Rotary Club Wolsztyn. We built kennels, which finally got to animal shelter and we proved to orphans that they also can help others and they don’t have to feel that the help is always given to them.


Rotaract Club Poznań