• Country: Turkey

  • Club: RAC Bostancı

  • District: D2420

Bostancı Rotaract Club have visited Semiha Şakir Child Protection Agency for a project which is deeply cared about and we wanted to provide continuity. Our aim was to make our little friends happy which are between the ages of 4 to 7.
Before the project day, we have selected and presented a variety of books so that our little friends can understand and enjoy while they are reading and listening. We have shown great sensitivity in these books in order not to have family or emotionally insulting elements. Then we have turned a story into a play to the children as a ‘live fairy tale’. While one of our friend read the book, others portrayed the children, rabbits and other characters in the book. Then we played games with them and have enjoyed a day together.
It was very valuable for us to be able to connect with them through the play that we have performed. By having this fun day, we have proven that any connection can be made by a simple story and some laughter.