• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Rotaract Fındıklı

  • District: 2420

  • Number of people involved: 18

  • Total hours volunteered: 80

  • Number of €€€ involved: 24

  • Quantifiable Results:

    We collected 175 Liter of Waste Oil.

As the last project of our term, in “Save the Waste Oil, Save the World” project our main purpose was wanted to start a recycling movement about the saving the waste oil in the environment. We know that when the waste oils are not collected separately and when they are poured into the sink, they have serious harmful effects on the environment. By this concern, we tried to come up with a machine that people can deliver the waste oils that they use at their houses and some other areas in nature. Our club members worked on the design of our waste oil recycling machine particularly. After setting off our waste oil recycling machine, we got in contact with the municipal authorities to be able to spread our project to more people as Fındıklı Rotaract Club. As there are not so many people familiar with recycling the waste oils in Turkey, we assume that people are going to make a good impact on our economy and they are going to save the environment from harmful additive materials by delivering their waste oils into the machine. By waste oils recycling machine, we planned to recycle all the waste oils that delivered and wanted to produce biodiesel which is an environmentally friendly fuel. Eventually, we launched our waste oil recycling machine on the World Environment Day to the public officially.