Project name: Just Like You With An (+1) Extra

Project Description:

Making the daily life easier to adapt for people with Down syndrome,

Increasing the employability of the people with Down syndrome by giving trainings in association with Down Syndrome Association of Turkey,

Correcting the misleading information about people with Down syndrome amongst general public.

Enabling fellowship through service in international level with collaboration of Rotaract clubs from 3 different countries and 12 Cities .

We took trainings from the Down Syndrome Association about how to approach to the people with Down syndrome.

16 Rotaract clubs from four districts and three countries contributed to the project. They sent photographs showing the activities they did with the people with Down syndrome showing that they are capable of enjoying their leisure time and work just like everybody. In the end we organized a public display of these photos.

We supported Down Syndrome Association with their trainings that were held every week. The aim was to increase both the ability to adjust daily life and their employability skills. We contributed by helping the students during the trainings and paying attention to their progress one by one. As a result two of the students were employed after completing their trainings.

We shared that Down syndrome is not a disease but a genetic to the public.

The public display of the photos (gallery) reached out to more than ten thousand people, so did the message of the project.

Through the trainings we attended the students with Down syndrome gained the ability to control their money and shop wisely. Two of them were able to find jobs.

The participants of this project with Down syndrome increased their social skills. Some of them were barely able to communicate at the beginning of the project; they later showed great improvement. This also improved their relationships with their parents.

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