The “Rotardise” project has aimed at preparing and selling lollipops, in order to take destitute children from Tarare and children taken care of in a foster home to Disneyland Paris for one day!


“Rotardises” is a portmanteau word for “Rotaract”and”friandises” (which means candies, in French).Those are lollipops that we prepared, packaged and sold ourselves,to fund a one-day trip to Disneyland Paris for destitute children and children taken care of in a foster home of our region.

Towards this goal, we have been looking for financial resources and we have communicated a lot locally to make our project known.

We have organized a sugar collection in 2 supermarkets of the region, and a big sponsorship operation among local businesses, craftworkers and storekeepers.

We have been able to prepare 3000 lollipops, and we have been selling our production through racks and stands displayed in contributing stores and local events.

The Rotaract team organized “Rotardises cooking and packaging” workshops with the children, in order to involve them in their own action and get to know them better before the day in Disneyland Paris.


Rotaract Club of Tarare