• Country: Belgium

  • Club: RAC Waregem-Gaverbeek

  • District: 1620

Rotaract Waregem-Gaverbeek at full gallop! This year’s first social activity was a special one. We invited children from our community to a wonderful autumn afternoon in carriages.

As usual we met children and parents in the city centre. From that very first moment, where child meets Rotaractor, the energy just thrived our club. A smile really does a lot with a human!
These kids had been looking forward to the activity for weeks, according to many parents. As the sun was shining, we were headed towards the quiet and mysterious woods in Kruisem.

Three carriages waiting for little boys and girls, accompanied by members of RTC Waregem.
As everyone got into this magical story, kids were laughing and very excited by our mysterious off-road route. We discovered a little cottage where we played a bunch of games and treated everyone with some homemade ice cream, which created not just a smile on the children’s faces…Time flies when you’re having fun!

Sadly, all good things come to an end. We received a meaningful thank you from all parents, as well as the kids. Our main aim is to give children an afternoon full of new experiences that they may never get the chance to do at home. These children are the foundation of our social projects, as we prepare our next action & donation to their schools to support the creation a better future for a next generation.

“Friendship in Action”, a baseline which motivates our members to contribute to our society!