• Country: Switzerland & Liechtenstein

  • Club: Rotaract Basel

  • District: 1980

  • Number of people involved: 45

  • Total hours volunteered: 9

  • Quantifiable Results:

    Free swimming lesson for refugees, friendships

On Saturday afternoon of the 18th November 2017 the Rotaract Basel went to meet the Refugee Project “JUNG-SEIN”, an integration project for young refugees between 15 and 30 years old.

15 young men, mostly from Afghanistan and Eritrea, were waiting for the Swimming lesson Rotaract Basel organzied. Most of them did not have any swimming experience. A group of Rotaractors accompanied the men to the swimming pool, where two professional swimming teachers welcomed them. The teachers helped them to feel secure in the water and by the end of the lesson all men managed to swim a short distance without any help. During the Swimming lesson, another group of Rotaractors were preparing dinner for everyone at JUNG-SEIN together with other refugees: Pumpkin soup with freshly baked Foccacia bread.

After a delicious dinner with around 45 people (refugees, volunteers from JUNG-SEIN and Rotaractors), groups were made to play the Marshmallow Challenge, in which groups of 4 have to try to build a big tower out of 20 Spaghettis, 1m tape, 1m fibre and one Marshmallow. The biggest tower measured 87cm and won a price, but the challenge brought all participants closer together.

The event lasted from 2.30pm-11pm and ended with the discussion of the Rotaractors to repeat this event in the near future, as everybody involved agreed that it had been a huge success.