• Country: Denmark

  • Club: Roskilde Rotaract

This year Roskilde Rotaract again teams up with the big shopping centre “RO’s Torv” in Roskilde and 7 other humanitarian organisations to make “The Wish Tree 2017”.

The idea behind “The Wish Tree 2017”, is to give children from families from lower means a chance to get a Christmas present this year. The idea is that the wishes from the children hangs on the tree which then stands in the centre of the shopping centre. Here people who visits the shopping centre can take a wish and then buy the wish, wrap it in and then return it to the information in the shopping centre who then contacts Roskilde Rotaract who then distribute the presents to the organisations and families.

In 2016 we have received over 200 wishes and we succeeded in making all of them become true. This year we hope to receive even more wishes!

Roskilde Rotaract finds that every child should have the possibility to get a Christmas present and we are very proud and happy to be a part of this huge success. “The Wish Tree” is very popular, and we get a lot of good responds from visitors at RO’s Torv. Actually, a lot of Rotary Clubs has borrowed the idea and spread “The Wish Tree” to a lot of other cities in Denmark!

The Wish Tree “begins” November 24. and stands at Ro’s Torv to December 16.