• Country: Poland

  • District: 2231

  • Number of people involved: 23

  • Total hours volunteered: 20

  • Quantifiable Results: Recipe Book

Christmas has come and gone… Don’t you just love this time of the year? The songs, the atmosphere, the presents and the FOOD! To celebrate it in an international way, and since Secret Santa is overrated, Tina Czapiewska, the CR of Poland, organized a Christmas desserts recipe exchange. It was an amazing opportunity to taste (and prepare!) food from all over Europe. It was fun, tasty and inspiring! Have you ever wondered what desserts do people eat for Christmas in Germany, Croatia, Turkey or Denmark? If yes – you’re in the right place, if not – start thinking about it now! 😀 In the file attached, you will find a recipe book, in which there are recipes from all participants of this project (and pictures of the dishes prepared by CRs and E.R.I.C. members from other countries. We strongly recommend having a look AND trying some of them, but be careful – most of them are strongly addictive!