• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Rotaract Club of İzmir Ekonomi

  • District: 2440

  • Number of people involved: 20

  • Total hours volunteered: 40

  • Quantifiable Results:

    20 children involved in interactive training.

To make our world a better place for our children we decided on Children’s Rights as our topic for project which is cooperated by Rotaract Club of Izmir Economy and ELSA Izmir.In Turkey, Syrian and Turkish students are studying together and there is a lack of communication between them for the reason of instant changes on their lifes. Our project is about the prevention and resolution of conflicts and the promotion of peace in six areas of focus. As rotaractors, we are seeing the increase of stress, terror and war between countries with great concern and sadly, the consequences already appeared on children’s behaviors. Today in Turkey, both refugee and native students are studying in same classes. Their relationship, frequently turns into conflict between them for the reason of their lack of understanding. In this point, it is significantly important to give that awareness to the children, before this behavior becomes a habit. To prevent these actions and upcoming potential danger in the world; we must change the future and we begin to change it by children. After all, future changes with the young ones. We believe that we have broken prejudices in this region.

In order to eliminate these prejudices we gave various lectures, played different games and watched an animation video on Migration. At the end of the day, along with our young fellows, we requested them to demonstrate their feelings by painting.We made some competitions and games related to children rights. These games were chosen from different countries in order to show that children from other countries also were playing similar games with Turkish children and they have the same rights with us.

20 students between 10-15 ages attendanted. 10 of them Turkish and the others were in Syrian. Practise took 2 months. Selected students studied together once a week. Prepared night was performed in their school. 21 March is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It will include Turkish and Syrian poems and songs.