As Güzelyalı Rotaract and Peschiera e del Garda Veronese Rotaract Club members, we aimed to become one big international family, by embracing our different cultures, languages, habits. We didn’t want to be only friends, we wanted to feel the twinning, the power and the love of rotaract in our hearts and we want to show these amazing feelings that we have to all community by providing benefits to society and by making sustainable projects.
The other goals of our Sustainable Twinning are to create an international friendship through the network of Rotaract. Both club memebers share their values of service and solidarity. With our twinning we have the possibility of an exchange both real and virtual that allows both parties to mutual understanding of two different cultures.


Concert of Friendship Italy & Turkey:

We brought together our two different cultures with a universal language ”music”. We organized together a “Concert of Friendship Italy and Turkey”. All songs were Italian and Turkish to show the friendship that we started with twinning. We started with the idea of peace and friendship to make real two services for children with the income of this meaningful event. We designed our tickets in Italian and Turkish and e sold them by explaining the importance of peace and the services that we did.

From Art to Art:

With the income of the project, we realized two services concurred. The first service that we did in Izmir, Turkey is “From Art To Art”. For this service, we found one elementary school in the backward area of Izmir. The school administration gave us an empty classroom, we bought one projector, projection screen, colourful curtains, one cupboard full of materials for making paint, handicrafts, easels, lots of paintbooks, chesses, etc.

From Art to Sports:

At the same time, we created another service in Verona named “From Art To Sports”. As young facultatives rotaract people, we know the importance of art and sports in the growing of children. By this purpose, we bought lots of new fun sports equipement for primary and middle classes of the 2nd district of Verona.