• Country: Turkey

  • Clubs: RAC Galatasaray & RAC Yeşilköy

  • District: 2420

On Saturday, November 17th, Galatasaray Rotaract Club and Yeşilköy Rotaract Club organised a bowling event for their friends from Dost Yaşam Down Syndrome Association.

There is one thing very certain is that the people with down syndrome can live fulfilling and happy life in good conditions. Dost Yaşam is working for personal development of the young people have down syndrome. The association is pursuing an active social program that builds on social activities such as painting, dancing, drama, ebru. This activities enable our friends to be more integrated to life.
Galatasaray Rotaract and Dost Yasam have been working collaboratively and sustaining their long-term relations by organising such events. With this, we aim to allow socialization of our friends and build valuable relationships with them. We need more young friends with down syndrome feeling happy and connected to life. They are friendly, sincere and very warm-hearted to everyone.

On the event day, there were 15 young people from Dost Yaşam, also Yeşilköy Rotaract was with us. Then we splitted up 5 teams and started to play our games. We had so much fun.

Now, we are looking forward to next event.