We have built healthcare center and class for disable students in our town. In Ramadan we have provided food provided good supply and made a dinner. We made courses of gain profession which were swimming pool operator and traditional carpenter. In village we have aimed that combined 6 main subject of rotary with sustainable projects. We did not give money to our villagers for help them. We teached and educated them for to gain profession that will bring money to them. We have a dream that a village can create and  provide their needs. With this project we tried to bring this dream to life.


We organized several projects to contribute to the focus areas of Rotary International. First of all our village’s health care center was wretched and unusable. For maternal and child health we have renewed the health care center from nothing. Now this health care center can usable for our village’s citizens. We have built our health care center for doctors. Doctors can stay in center at the same time they can examine the patients. On opening day we tough our villagers whose were mothers and children how to keep clean and healthful our mouth in our schooling. Our members whose are dentists checked the villagers teeth health up. For the second stage in the month of Ramadan we have helped with food package to our villagers. In the center of the village we established huge table for dinner which called in Ramadan–Iftar. For the third stage our village didn’t have a school for disabled students. So we have changed a store to 3 classrooms which have all materials for getting disabled students educated. For the last stage we educated our villagers with the cooperation of ministry of health. Our schooling subject was swimming pool operator to get people qualified for jobs.

Contact : Göztepe Rotaract Club, District 2440, Turkey