• Country: Turkey

  • Club: Rotaract Fındıklı

  • District: 2420

  • Number of people involved: 14

  • Total hours volunteered: 60

  • Number of €€€ involved: 13

  • Quantifiable Results:

    We donated 235 football shoes to the amputee football teams.

In One Soul- One Soul project, our aim was helping the football players who have just one leg to play football in amputee football teams. After we found out that defective shoes were destructed by the brands, we decided to own the flawless ones of the same pair of shoes due to send the amputee football players. As Fındıklı Rotaract Club, we made an agreement with Nike and Adidas brands to be able to provide football shoes to the players. In this process, we tried to contact the amputee football teams that who don’t really have financial support all around Turkey to be able to ship them the football shoes. At the same time, we got a sponsorship by MNG shipping company to ship our football shoes without too much afford. We sent the shoes according to the amputee football players’ shoe size to Konya, Bursa and Şanlıurfa city’s amputee football teams in March 2nd, 2018. Some of the amputee football teams that we sent the shoes invited us to their games after they received the shoes. That was a priceless experience for us to be able to watch them with their new shoes while they were playing in the field. As Fındıklı Rotaract Club, we were so delighted to watch them and sharing their happiness and gratefulness with them.