The goal of the project was to bring out an official edition of the famous game Monopoly from the city of Alkmaar, the Netherlands. By bringing out the game we wanted to raise money for nine different local charities and increase our name recognition.


After the idea was born, the first step we had to make was to invent a revenue model. We made sponsor packages. Companies could sponsor a street or Change and Community Chest cards. In exchange of the sponsor amount the companies got their logo or name on the game part. Beside the sponsor packages we also sold games through our website (www.monopolyalkmaar.nl) to private sellers. Local media published some nice articles about our project. Sales started to grow!

In June 2014 we reached the magic limit of 1.000 games. We decided to focus more on our Facebook page. The Facebook actions let our sales explode. In a couple of months we sold almost 1.000 games through Facebook. In September 2014 all the game components were sold. We decided to order 2.200 Monopoly Alkmaar games.

In November 2014 we had the official launch party of Monopoly Alkmaar. We invited the sponsors and charities of the project and the press. The next morning Monopoly Alkmaar dominated the front page of the local daily newspaper.

In the end of November we delivered around 950 games to 30 different sponsors. The private sellers could now pick up their games at the pickup point. Over 1.000 games were picked up those two days. In the next 3 weeks we had another two pick up days.

In total we sold 2.200 Monopoly Alkmaar games. Through local book and gift shops another 50 games were sold. The city of Alkmaar approximately counts 45.000 households. 5% of the households in Alkmaar has a Monopoly Alkmaar game!