• Country: France

  • Clubs: Rotaract Paris; Rotaract Paris Quai d’Orsay; Rotaract Paris Champs-Elysées; Rotary Paris Haussmann

  • District: 1660

With 8400 km2 of forest destroyed in 2012, Indonesia is the first country in terms of deforestation, ahead of Brazil. On the island of Flores, burning is one of the main causes of this deforestation.

“In a world where we face great challenges such as protecting our biodiversity or slowing down the never ending global warming, it is our responsibility as fellow rotaractors to act on initiatives that have an impact on the protection of the environment.” Paul Ledesve, President of Rotaract Paris Quai d’Orsay

Since April 2014, the associations Coeur de Forêt and Puge Figo have been collaborating in order to protect existing forest areas, with a focus on the biodiversity-rich sacred mountain Wolomezé, where numerous local myths take place. In addition, they support the development of wealth-generating activities with local producers.

For our part, we organize informative brunches on the Indonesian theme and various events that serve a double purpose: raise awareness on the issue of global deforestation and getting people to better know the Indonesian culture.

“Our project has this particularity to gather 3 Rotaract clubs in the 1660 district and to be linked at the other end of the planet with Indonesia. Everyone is concerned by this project and everyone could and should be part of it.” Charlotte Bloquet-Prevost, President of Rotaract Paris Champs-Elysées

During this Rotaractian year, we decided to start up a collective project with the aim of bringing together as many people as possible around the subject of deforestation, an environmental subject which we aren’t sufficiently aware of. The Rotaract Club of Paris, Rotaract Paris Quai d’Orsay, Rotaract Paris Champs Elysees and Rotary Paris Haussmann decided to collaborate together.

” Our shared goal is to raise awareness on the importance of worldwide deforestation and at consequences that it could have on the years to come. ” Sandrine Baccaro, Head of International Commission of the Rotaract Club of Paris

Our project aims not only to teach you the small daily actions to be made to fight against deforestation on our scale, but also to make local ethnic groups aware of deforestation and to reforest the Island of Flores whose environmental balance is threatened.

By performing awareness campaigns among local ethnic groups, these associations allow a decreasing usage of slash and burn, which is the main cause of deforestation in Indonesia, as well as the protection of forest areas.

« This project is a move towards global awareness at the human scale, for the protection of planetary resources and the need of a fair sharing.” Marie Floret, President of Rotary Paris Haussmann

In the past five years, the associations Coeur de Forêt and Puge Figo have assisted producers in planting trees and providing warehouses for drying harvest or even, which favours non-ligneous forest products.
More often, local people are subject to investor methods and receive little income from the resources they sell.

We know that our project is ambitious, but we believe that we don’t give enough importance to climate change issues in our Rotaract and Rotary clubs.
So, will you participate today, with us, in this project?